The Kingdom of Talingarde

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The Kingdom of Talingarde

Post by DM on Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:18 am

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Displayed here is a map of the kingdom of Talingarde. Talingarde is regarded as probably the most peaceful, virtuous, and noble nation in the land. It is ruled by King Markadian V (the man shown in my avatar). Markadian has one heir: his beautiful daughter Bellinda. It is common knowledge that the monarchy has heavy ties with the Church of Mitra, the church of the Shining Lord. Mitra is the name of the sun god, the arch-nemesis of Asmodeus. At one time, the kingdom worshiped a full pantheon of gods, including even Asmodeus, who the people rightfully feared and respected. One day that all changed, and the pantheon was replaced with worship of Mitra the Shining Lord, and Mitra alone. A great purge began, and all worshipers of Asmodeus and other outlawed deities were found and burned at the stake. After the purge, there was peace. Criminal action was greatly reduced, and anything remaining was easy to deal with. Now, arrests are made, trials are held, and guilty parties are shipped to prison to await royal representatives who will carry out punishment based on the crime. For most, the options are either execution, or a life of labour in a nearby mine or labour camp.

As the PCs, you will begin as lowly evil-doers, caught and taken to prison for some crime or another. What happens from there will be decided by you!

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